Evaluation Night | The Classic Returns

Graeme Dobbs - Iceland

Michael Smyth returned to host our last Evaluation Night for 2019. The evening was a classic night, three images, print or digital.We had 18 members submitting 54 images, 27 digital and 27 prints.

Michael kept the night flowing with some simple questions in mind, what is the subject of this image, what messages can be seen, what subject matter has been used to illustrate the subject?

Folding Open by Cindy Cavanagh

By Cindy Cavanagh

By Cindy Cavanagh

Our guest speaker was Cindy Cavanagh a lifestyle photographer and a mother of five children, yes, that’s not a typo, five children!

For the past 10 years Cindy has been on a journey peeling back the layers to her creativity. During her presentation she took us all through her process in identifying her creative style. A process that has taken many months, if not years.

Having sat down with a large blank piece of paper she started to list all her loves, likes, inspirations, passions and curiosities. Looking for patterns she began to notice similarities in the words, themes, and three groups emerged.

  1. Home | Home is my calm, my ordinary, my daily fuel

  2. Heart | Heart is my family, my creativity, my motherhood journey

  3. Adventure | Adventure is my chaos, my curiosity, my wanderlust

A thoughtful and alternative presentation which many members a appreciated.

To view her work please visit her instagram page and her website

Interclub Challenge Night 2019

Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past; something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

This was the theme set for our annual interclub challenge with Mosman Camera Club and Northside Creative Photography and members of all clubs most certainly rose to the challenge.

Always one of the highlights of our program, the hall was abuzz as attendees mingled over refreshments before hearing a little of the story behind each image. We were treated to a visual feast ranging from restored old photographs, emotive portraits, delicate still lifes and quirky staged scenes, to layered montages conveying deeply personal expressions of nostalgia.

It was inspiring to see so many interpretations of the theme and we congratulate and thank everyone for taking part in making the evening the success it was.

Written by Almitra Hill, club member.

Evaluation Night - Nostalgia

A feeling of Nostalgia can be triggered to an individual by many stimuli; a sight, a smell, a sound, an event or an image. We are all individual, with our own memories and histories.

The club set aside an Evaluation Night for our members to submit images to be considered for inclusion in our club's offering for the annual Inter-Club with Mosman Camera Club and Northside Creative Photography.

A healthy number of images were submitted in both print and projected formats. We were offered portraits, landscapes, flowers, street scenes and others. Some were constructed and produced specifically for the Inter-Club, some came from member's archives, while others were spur of the moment captures, because the photographer saw in them an element that provided a sense of nostalgia at that particular moment.

The committee would like to thank all members for submitting such a diverse range of subjects to ensure that our club has a wide ranging collection of images, and a special shout out to Judith Frost for facilitating the discussion. The ensuing debate by the committee on the night ended successfully, with our quota of ten images being filled within the spirit of the Inter-Club, that being one selected image per photographer.

To see our clubs selected images you’ll have to come to the Interclub Challenge Night on 5th September, right here at LCCP headquarters :)

Written by Ian Cambourne, club member.

Luke Tscharke talks about his passion for nature and photography

Luke Tscharke (pronounced sharky) is a Landscape photographer based in Tasmania. His Landscape, Seascape, and Astrophotography work is simply spectacular. Extra seats were needed to cover the 40+ members and guests that attended tonights presentation.

Western Arthur Range, © Luke Tscharke

Luke’s passion for the outdoors allows himself to play with a wide variety of genre’s. From seascape, infrared and arial, to landscape, wilderness and nightscape. If he had to pick just three it would probably be wilderness, Landscape and nightscape as his favourite.

The Maria Island Walk, © Luke Tscharke

Luke has years of professional award-winning experience and with his business partner runs Astrophotography workshops through Australia. Check out his website here http://astroworkshops.com

Capertree and Glen Davis Works Ruins, © Luke Tscharke

For more information and to view his amazing work check out his social websites below

Evaluation Night Twist

Oh what a night!

Following our first ever Evaluation Night with a twist back in January, yes January! Almitra and I took the feedback on board and made some adjustments. This, was Mark II.

Members were invited to take a seat at one of five tables. Each table had a mini easel and an iPad on it, fancy I know right!

Mike Cave, The Avengers

Prints were then shared approximately two per table and members were asked to evaluate the images by completing an evaluation form. Each table then had the opportunity to present their feedback to all members. The Artist was then revealed and given the chance to comment.

When it came to the digital images we rotated through them on the projector and then using the iPads members were able to take a closer look and again provide feedback.

Annie Williams, In Between

The format encouraged everyone to actively participate, one table often had differences of opinion, another asked more questions than answers, and that was the point. It was the ‘members’ who evaluated 19 images, not a facilitator or dare I say it . . . a judge!

Setting up the evening took quite a bit of planning, setting up a wifi hotspot and five iPads, syncing images across devices, mini easels, and digital name cards.

Almitra and I had fun putting this one together and by the feedback at the end of the night it was positively received.

Monochrome Challenge 2019

Lane Cove Creative Photography was fortunate to have Peter Hill evaluate the Monochrome Challenge night on the 13th of June 2019. Peter Hill is a well-known and highly respected photographer from the Blue Mountains who specialises in black and white photography.

Peter had previously given a wonderful presentation on monochrome photography earlier this year and passed on some of his knowledge to our members. Judging by the quality and number of images exhibited on the challenge night this knowledge passed on by Peter helped the members to produce some great work.

On the night of the challenge Peter added some additional constructive, thoughtful and helpful information that should encourage all members to work in the monochrome medium and improve their skills.

Click on any image to view a slideshow and small selection of the images of the night.

Written by Graham Munkman, club member.

Cabramatta Excursion

Five club members congregated at the Rise Café ahead of a very satisfying exploration of the Cabramatta business precinct.

The experience was very rewarding as we all appreciated the fantastic photo .opportunities on offer. There was colour and racial harmony all blending into a multi cultural shopping extravaganza .situation.

Visiting Freedom Plaza featuring Pai Lau (the gateway ) was significant as it displayed – The World is for Us to Share and Respect – a good way to summarise our visit to Cabramatta.”

Click on an image to see in full.

Written by Tony Whitten, club member.

Facebook Group launch

On Thursday night, attendees were introduced to our new members Facebook group: “communicate with light”.

The Committee envisages this online community as an extension of our wonderful club atmosphere; a private space to share images and inspiration, feedback and friendship.

The group is open to current financial members and can be joined by request at https://www.facebook.com/groups/322682988441673/ . We are excited to be able to offer this group to our members and look forward to enriching our engagement online.

MV Cape Don Outing

On Sunday 26th May, fuelled by coffee from the Coal Loader Café at Waverton, 18 members and friends climbed the gangway of the MV Cape Don, cameras at the ready. The challenge?

To secure worthy photos for our monochrome photography mentor, Peter Hill.

Built in 1963 to service lighthouses and other navigational aids along the Australian coastline, the MV Cape Don is being restored to its former glory. The workload is huge, but from rusty plate to rusty bolt the restoration progresses. The passionate volunteers led by Daniel split us into 3 groups and so began our tour of this fascinating ship – ‘From Bridge to Bilge’.

Those amongst us more knowledgeable than I asked intelligent questions as we passed the cabins and descended the stairs into the bowels of the ship to the engine room where photographic opportunities were in abundance. Then on to the bridge and the wireless room, the galley, lounges and bar as well as the first aid station.

The final stop was the deck to enjoy sunset. Where did those 2 hours go?

Written by Kirstin Sercombe, President.

Cockatoo mid week outing

After an inspiring presentation by award-winning Blue Mountains photographer Peter Hill, Cockatoo Island seemed the perfect location for our mid-week shoot. Some of us followed his lead by switching our cameras to monochrome; whilst others looked to the colours of the day for inspiration.

Our creativity was challenged by the sombre and corroded machinery, remains from the Island’s convict and ship-building days. All the while conscious of Peter’s vision to capture the photo we were seeking ‘in camera’. It was an enjoyable day, with the sharing of information and ideas.

- Written by club member Nancy Tear

Annual Head On Outing

On 19th May LCCP members made their annual outing to the Head On and Moran Photographic Exhibitions.

Nine members met in Paddington to view the Moran exhibition at the elegant Juniper House, and the Head On Exhibitions at Paddington Reservoir Gardens and the Festival Hub at Paddington Town Hall.

As always they were not disappointed.

Photos courtesy of Mike Cave.

Monochrome Styles by Members

Following a great presentation by Peter Hill three club members shared their take on Monochrome.

Jim Crew

Jim addressed why black and white and the challenges of seeing in black and white. There were plenty of tips for taking the image and also for processing. Jim ended with some of his favourite images. His presentation can be found on our support page and dowloaded here

Lucie Loane

Next up was Lucie Loane with her story of of why she loves Monochrome. Below is just a snippet of her story.

“I am fascinated by art - painted or prints – because the artist gets to choose what to include and what to exclude, what angle to work from, how to use light and dark and tonality.” she said.

Lucie went on to say the choice of using monochrome was originally applied to photos which were too busy to allow the main subject to be as prominent as she wished. Monochrome simplifies a scene first and foremost.

In 2018, Lucie was looking for a photography workshop somewhere in Europe that would fit in before she met up with her sister in Dublin, and came across a four-day workshop on the west coast of France with Jonathan Chritchley of Ocean Capture.

Featuring long exposures with water, piers and fishing huts, horizons and big skies, and a monochrome square format, I was very excited. When it turned out that Jonathan was a terrific teacher I really felt that this was a turning point in my learning.


In early 2019 Lucie enrolled in another of Jonathan’s workshops, in Venice, when winter keeps the cruise ships and a lot of tourists away, again focusing on long exposures and monochrome, hopefully with some mist thrown in.

Venice Day

Steve Mullarkey

Our last presenter has a tremendous sense of humour, Steve Mullarkey shared with us the equipment he uses to shoot Monochrome and the techniques he uses in post processing. As with every one of Steves presentations he likes to live on the edge and actually do a live demonstration processing images in front of club members. I am delighted to say he survived:)

Here are just three images from Steves collection.

Click the image to see it full screen

Steves presentation can be found on our support page and dowloaded here.

Ever seen a moody colour photograph

LatesfossenIII, Peter Hill

This was the question posed to members of the club last night in an inspiring presentation by Peter Hill. Peter is an acknowledged master in Black and White photography. Using examples of his own work and the work of some of his famous predecessors he convincingly demonstrated not just the advantages of using black and white to create mood but also the importance of visualising photos in black and white from the outset.

The Warmth Of The Winter Sun, Peter Hill

Peter’s presentation was a perfect start to the club’s Black and White ‘challenge’. His presentation will be followed by an excursion which will focus on capturing in B&W, a workshop on processing B&W and a follow up B&W challenge night when members get to ‘show and tell’ and Peter will be available to comment and provide advice.

written by graeme dobbs

Evaluation Night No 2 | Classic

Skeleton Coast Dune by Lucie

For this 2nd Evaluation Night, following the 2019 program, we reverted to our more traditional format where members were encouraged to bring three photographs and member attendees input to the evaluation and feedback process.

David Edmonds was the moderator for the printed photographs displayed and Ian Cambourne the moderator for those images submitted and displayed digitally.

Both encouraged audience participation as often people see something different to what the photographer intended thereby providing varied feedback; indeed, many of the photographs presented held hidden imaginative gems within the overall story being told.

The Blue Room by Geoff

Throughout the evaluation of the some 60 images, a vast array of photography techniques were discussed, including:

  • negative space

  • composition

  • processing tips from the experts

  • cropping vs cloning

  • the subject

  • emotion

  • the effect of different papers when printing

  • mounting options

From people just beginning their photography journeys to those with many exhibitions under their belt, the night was again one of encouragement, learnings and inspiration.

written by judith frost

Street Photography Challenge Night

As part of our Listen, Learn, Practice, Share series, tonight was the night we got to share everything we have learnt about Street Photography..

Back in February Richard Lynch delivered a fabulous presentation on the subject of Street Photography. The following week members went to Newtown to practice what they learnt and try their hand at the subject. Six weeks later we conclude with the sharing of Street Photography images.

Based on the feedback from members this subject has proven to be immensely enjoyable. On the night we were treated to a musical slideshow of nearly 90 image and over 25 prints.

Ex President Diane McKenzie facilitated the evening with her usual passion and humour. Roving mic in hand, she worked the floor and encouraged members to talk about their images, techniques and processes methods.

The below gallery is a small sample of the work on display. Click on an image to view the original aspect ratio in full screen.

Congratulations to all members, this really was a great challenge!

Two is better than one | Tony Whitten & John Chapman

We are very fortunate at LCCP to have a range of members willing to share their thoughts, ideas, techniques and even themselves.

John Chapman and Tony Whitten answered the call and stepped up just a handful of days before the 21st, due to an unexpected change in the program.

Tony started with the evening with a short, relaxing presentation of stunning images taken during our club outing to the Chinese Gardens.

Image by Tony Whitton

John’s Arbitrary Space presentation was one of the best presentations we have seen so far this year. It was funny, challenging and inspiring.

Arbitrary Space by John Chapman

The beginning of John’s photographic journey began when he was a young boy in South Africa, chasing wild rhinos with a box brownie (no zooms and telephotos then). We then travelled with him around the world, through his various exploits and camera clubs, leading up to his involvement and exhibitions with Nebuli Arts.

We learnt that John likes to make images that will challenge his viewer, and he’s not worried about taking a step out of the square, quite a few steps on occasions, chasing an idea. He shared his creative landscapes of Iceland and little known sea creatures of questionable parentage, all taken within the safe confines of his bathroom.

Arbitrary Space can reside in two locations, within an image, and also within our own heads.

Photographers who have helped shape my photographic practice

A last minute change in the program resulted in a fabulous night with Susan Buchanan. The title for the evening was “Photographers who have helped shape my photographic practice

Susan is well know in the photography community for her work and for also being the President of Northside Creative Photography Club for 10 years. She has a tremendous passion for the art and it really showed during the night.

People and words have helped shape Susan’s photography and below is just a few of the people and the words that were shared with club members.



A wonderful poem called The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Susans final words were:

“If there is one take away from tonight it is this, pay attention to your heart and soul”

Principles of Processing your RAW images

Four presentations in one night - wow!


Thank you to everyone that responded to the clubs 1st survey. In fact 76% of club members took the time to complete the survey which is fantastic. In summary:

  • Lightroom is the Primary editing tool with 61% of members using Photoshop as the secondary

  • Those member who used Photoshop as the primary application 70% used Nik Collection.

  • And, 25% only use one editing software, that being Lightroom.

Thank you Gavin for pulling this together. Full details of the result can be found here.


A RAW image is an unprocessed photograph captured with a digital camera. It contains the raw image data captured by the camera's sensor and saved in proprietary file format specific to the camera manufacturer. Therefore every image needs to be processed!

Michael has put together a simple two pager on the process. These are the basic steps that should be applied to almost all images. The quick development guide can be found here and apparently, you should be able to apply them in 60 seconds!


Jim kicked off his presentation with a simple question

Photoshop - to need or not to need, that is the question.

The simple answer is - maybe, and if there is one person in the club that knows Photoshop well it is Jim.

Jim is a big fan of Julieanne Kost an Adobe Ambassador, she provides indepth tutorials, training, techniques, and shortcuts for working with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The best thing is it’s all FREE. Below are two links to get you started.

A copy of Jim’s notes can be found here and the presentation here.


The members survey showed that there are a number of people in the club using other editing tools such as Topaz. The good news is Brian, a fellow club member, is a fan of the software and took us through the basics of the application LIVE.

For more information on the software please visit their website.

If you trial the software and would like to purchase it there is a club discount which we will share via email to all members. This was the 1st time Brian presented at the club and we thank him for his time and effort in preparing for the session.

Portfolio Kick Off

Wow - what a fantastic turn out to our 1st Portfolio session.

Our Mentor for this year is John Chapman who very kindly opened up his house on a Saturday for the session. This proved to be a brilliant idea, why I hear you ask? Well, for those of you that attended you would have realised we were there for nearly 4 hours. Had we held the session on a club night we would have finished at midnight!

Ideas shared and discussed during the afternoon

Infrared, Portraiture, Vessels, Greed, Collection of people in public spaces, Screen, No idea just yet, Lest we forget, Portraiture, Iceland ice, Special place, Clouds, Street photography, Nostalgia, Chill with colour, Emotion, lifestyle, Moonscape, Street photography, Blockprints, Monet in oz, macro, Impressions of nature, Ants eye view of the world, Windows, Mythical Creatures, Abstract, Blue hour, Documentary, Movement.

With 30 members attending the kickoff 2019 could be a vintage year for the club. Perfect timing given we turn 50 in 2020