Portfolios are intended to provide an opportunity for people interested in designing, developing and implementing a photographic body of work intended to encourage growth as a creative photographer. 

The developed body of work is expected to be original rather than novel, expressive rather than literal, subjective rather than objective and it should celebrate your freedom of expression. In short, the finished work will be “imagined vision” and not “camera vision”. In fact, there is no rule that says you must use a camera to take / make a photograph.

Notes on preparing portfolios can be found under Resources on our Tips and Tricks page.


The majority of Australian adults hold a driver’s licence and are capable of driving a motor vehicle.  We drive our vehicles for family transport, for recreation and for commercial businesses. We drive our vehicles at all hours and in all types of weather conditions. In poorer conditions, we, quite rightly, exercise a lot more care with safety being our priority. As our concentration rises, we focus on the task at hand and lose sight of the new and different view we get of everyday sights that we take for granted.
So now, just pull over, turn the monotonous beat of the wipers off and for a few moments relax and look at everyday sights and colours through a different frame of mind, through a wet windscreen.



They say that time heals all things.
It heals the hurt, the sadness and the grief of loss.
They say time can also erase.
Not only does it erase the sorrowful memories, it erases all memories.
Time for us has now stopped, our world is still and quiet.
But for our descendants, time still marches.
Their world is one of hussle and bussle.
Who are they and how do they live their lives?
In all of their tomorrows, will they spare a thought for us?
We from their yesterdays.
They bring us no flowers, but we do not lie here alone.
Nearby we have friends, just over there.
And every year we have our beloved visitor.
Without fail, every spring, our Mother Nature visits us.
And she brings her wonderful gift of flowers, just for us.
Perhaps we are not forgotten after all.

Equirectangular OXFORDSHIRE - Images BY GAVIN PERRY

Snow Trees - images by Michael Smyth

Rust never sleeps - images by Maiva Smyth