I have found a natural affinity with digital imaging software and have gone on to teach many others the benefits of this approach.  At a time when many still thought that film was still a better option for photography, I was an early adopter.  Lecturing widely around the Sydney and NSW area, I have gained a reputation for providing clear and concise information and being willing and able to help others learn photographic skills.

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Relics of a Failed State

“Fake News” is not a new concept.  Totalitarian regimes have always lied to their people through propaganda and revisionist history.  In the absence of an independent and reliable media, truth is lost in the messages fed to the populace by the powerful elite.

There is a lesson for us all in understanding the lengths that governments and politicians will go to in order to preserve their position.  Truth is the first victim in war.

These images are based on Communist era statues and relics from Hungary.  These have been transported from their original locations and re-erected in a park dedicated to understanding the excesses of the former government.  Hungary only ceased being a communist satellite in 1989, less than 30 years ago.

From the Series "Extinct"

Images from Bhutan and Tibet

Some wildlife images