I have been a visual person all my life I started off with a Kodak Box Brownie, 35mm film cameras, darkroom for processing / printing and finally digital photography.  I enjoy designing and building fine furniture or creating subjects to photograph such as still life, these generally have a theme or may be flower arrangements based on a specific style.

(im)possibility of anachronisms

Six photographs based on the (im)possibility of anachronisms in seventeenth century art.

Part of my process before I began to reimage these series of six subject matters was to study as much as I could about the relative seventeenth century paintings.

When looking at cultural perceptions over an epoch within the art world I have created a novel twist on the subject matters to create an anachronism. I have done this by emphasising changes that have occurred with respect of time, old seventeenth century subject matters with a specific error included.

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Still Life

Cognac and Fruit


Copper Jug and Wine

Sliced Bread and Cheese

Fruit and Wine