Over the years, making photographs has become a process of self-discovery and a way to express my own ideas and feelings with my photos often revealing more about myself than about the subject matter - a form of therapy really! Above all, photography is a deeply satisfying and creative journey. Click on an image below to launch in lightbox

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The Channel Markers

One morning, while walking along the beach in my home town of Kati Kati, New Zealand, a mist began rolling in and out of the bay in the most breathtakingly beautiful way. My father's ashes are scattered along this stretch of coastline and as and I began photographing the constantly changing seascape I began to feel a sense of peace and acceptance that Mum was going to be OK. 

When I began processing the images I became aware of how poignant the channel markers were. I interpreted them as metaphors for life-markers - certain turning points, particular occasions or events that shape who I am ... the daughter that I am, the wife, mother, sister and friend that I am. 

The overwhelming shock and grief when Dad died or something as simple as telling Mum I love her and her response can manifest as a marker. Every life journey, through the highs and the lows has its channel markers