Detached 2018

What is it I have to say? The truth is, I don’t know.

My mind: a cacophony of thoughts (a neverending stream);

thunderous in my waking hours and spilling into dream.

I have to trust that if I shoot – somehow, someday – my melody will start to play.

From My Camera

From my Camera offers an intimate glimpse into the everyday life of our family, interwoven with technical experimentations and artistic imagery made in rare moments of maternal solitude.

The series was made daily over the course of one month, as a deeply personal exploration into whether it’s possible to strike a balance between the demands of mothering small children, the parental drive to document them and a compelling desire to escape the chaos and lose – or rediscover – oneself in photography.

The outcome? An idiosyncratic collection of images that offer a glimmer of hope that the scales might just be starting to tip.

These are a sample of the 70-odd images used to create a traditional dry-mount family album that can be enjoyed and passed down through future generations.

The final manifestation of this portfolio is a far cry from my original concept: a series of composite self portraits, daydreaming away the mundane tasks that cause me daily frustration as a mother of young children.

I loved the idea but, as time passed, I increasingly felt it would be self-indulgent and ungrateful to describe our lives in such a way.

So, while the underlying subject here remains very similar – processing my internal conflict between the demands of everyday and a yearning for creative space – I set out to embrace and celebrate the chaos and see where it took me instead.

While I still feel like I haven’t found the right balance, it’s deeply satisfying to see the cross-over between creative expression and captured moments so evident in this series. My greatest hope is that I’ve created something meaningful that my family will treasure now and in years to come.