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MV Cape Don Outing

A chance to practice what you learnt during Peter Hills and members Monochrome Presentations on this outing to the MV Cape Don.

Tour of the Cape Don is a historic Lighthouse Supply Ship which is moored at Waverton and is undergoing restoration. This will provide plenty of monochrome photography opportunities for our monochrome challenge as well as colour, including sunset.

Tours leave from the gate at the Coal Loader tunnel entrance at the edge of the paved area adjacent to the old Coal Loader wharf, Waverton. A signboard will be visible at this spot.

Enclosed shoes are mandatory as the ship has many stairs. Some of the downstairs areas are interesting but require good mobility to access (and can be a little off-putting if you are claustrophobic. However, there are plenty of easy to access shoot opportunities on the higher decks and we will be provided with a volunteer for every 4 people.

Cost: $20 per person – please bring cash on the day and let us know if you are attending prior to the date.