Panoramic Photography

Our 1st presentation and discussion evening of the year and it certainly got people talking. The topic was "How to shoot Panoramas" and began with Rodney Campbell sharing his tips & tricks on how he shoots 'Flat' and 'Circular' Panoramas. Below is a summary of his recommendations. 

  1. Overlap at least 50%
  2. Shoot wider/more than you need
  3. Camera level with horizon
  4. Keep a constant aperture, exposure and white balance
  5. Use manual focus
  6. Check the scene For movement
  7. Composition definitely still matters
  8. Don’t forget vertical panoramas!

For further information check out Rodney comprehensive post here

Following on from Rodney Gavin Perry - that's me - took people through the process of shooting a Spherical 360 panorama. Photographs that can only be viewed via the Internet at your desktop on a tablet or smartphone. Many of the rules used to shoot Flat and Circular Panoramas apply however, specialist equipment and software is required to get truly amazing 360˚ Panoramas. I covered the following key areas to making amazing 360˚ Panoramas

  1. Equipment
  2. Camera setup
  3. Image composition
  4. Taking the shot(s)
  5. Stitching
  6. Publishing

Below is a series of Spherical 360˚ panoramas that I took on Alcatraz Island, view them full screen to get a real immersive experience.

Learning from other members of the club during Presentation & Discussion nights is what makes Lane Cove Creative Photography so unique. Many people stayed back at the end to share thoughts and ideas. Again, thank you Rodney and Gavin for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for Panoramas.