Portfolio Kick Off

Wow - what a fantastic turn out to our 1st Portfolio session.

Our Mentor for this year is John Chapman who very kindly opened up his house on a Saturday for the session. This proved to be a brilliant idea, why I hear you ask? Well, for those of you that attended you would have realised we were there for nearly 4 hours. Had we held the session on a club night we would have finished at midnight!

Ideas shared and discussed during the afternoon

Infrared, Portraiture, Vessels, Greed, Collection of people in public spaces, Screen, No idea just yet, Lest we forget, Portraiture, Iceland ice, Special place, Clouds, Street photography, Nostalgia, Chill with colour, Emotion, lifestyle, Moonscape, Street photography, Blockprints, Monet in oz, macro, Impressions of nature, Ants eye view of the world, Windows, Mythical Creatures, Abstract, Blue hour, Documentary, Movement.

With 30 members attending the kickoff 2019 could be a vintage year for the club. Perfect timing given we turn 50 in 2020

Portfolio Gala Night

Congratulations to all those club members who presented a Portfolio for 2018. While the numbers were down on previous years the quality was high. We had a fantastic selection of prints, three audio visuals and two books.

Below is just a small sample of the work created for 2018. Please click an image to see their Portfolio’s and artist statements. To view all members Portfolio’s please click here

Almitra Hill

Almitra Hill

David Edmonds

David Edmonds

Gavin Perry

Gavin Perry

Graham Munkman

Graham Munkman

Kirstin Sercombe

Kirstin Sercombe

Jim Crew

Jim Crew

Lucie Loane

Lucie Loane

Portfolio Development Night No.3


Alfonso Calero - our mentor and coach - returned to provide positive and constructive feedback to all members during our last 'official' portfolio night. As Douglas Adams wrote in his classic Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy science fiction series, 

Don’t Panic - Arthur Dent

Members including myself are way behind in developing our Portfolio for 2018,  however it is never to late. We have four more club nights before the deadline - that's 8 weeks - during which time you can bring in your portfolio for comment and advise. Additionally, Alfonzo is also happy to provide feedback via email. 

As a reminder there are no rules, no limits, no restrictions and no constraints. You portfolio can  comprise of between 4-8 individual images. Any mode of presentation is acceptable. The final panel can be in the form of mounted prints for display, an audio visual, a slideshow, a book, or any other suitable format. The choice is entirely yours.

To avoid disappointment, all Portfolios must be submitted on or before Thursday 4th October. We will not be accepting Portfolios on the Gala Night itself. 

Portfolio Night No 1 - Wow!

The ideas were burning bright tonight

The ideas were burning bright tonight

Despite a late change to the program giving members just one week to prepare for our first Portfolio night we had a cracking turn out. With 18 Portfolios already underway the ideas stretched from architectural history to people and space, refraction and bird poop. Yes, thats right, bird poop. You had to be there to appreciate it!

We are also delighted to have Alfonso Calero as our mentor and coach for 2018 who will provide positive and constructive feedback to all members during club nights and via email. 

For those that don't know Alfonzo, he is a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia. and over the past 15-20 years, Alfonso has photographed everyone from politicians to artists and everything from exquisite food to amazing landscapes.

If you're still looking for inspiration, Alfonso has provided 10 superb links to international photographic awards sites that are well worth a look.

  1. Neutral Density Awards
  2. Colour Awards
  3. World Photo Organisation
  4. Monochrome Awards
  5. Emerging Photography Awards
  6. Photo District News
  7. Prix de la Photographie
  8. National Geographic
  9. The Pano Awards
  10. The Smithsonian Magazine

The Gala Night of Portfolios

Last Thursday night we held our annual Gala Night of Portfolios.  Members who have participated in the Portfolio project this year all presented their work in a "gallery" type exhibition.  We were fortunate to have professional artist Robyn Ross to make some comments on the work and discuss the thoughts, ideas and execution of the work with the authors.  

This year we again broke our own record of work on show, with a total of 30 Portfolios on view, comprising audio visuals, slide shows, books and of course the majority being a series of mounted prints.  A selection of the portfolios presented can be found on our Portfolio page, or click HERE to go directly to the page.

From the Series "Tunnel Vision" by Kirstin Sercombe (c) 2017

The Portfolio Process 2017

Each year members of Lane Cove Creative work towards our annual Gala Night of Portfolios.  A portfolio is a collection of images - usually 6 or more that speak to a theme or concept.  During the course of the year we hold regular night where we can discuss the work in progress and assist the participants refine their vision and image making.  Last Thursday night was the final preparation for our Gala Presentation on November 2nd.  Judging by the work in progress, we will have another bumper year of creative and expressive work.  Here are a few examples of work in progress.  

The Annual Portfolio Project - First discussion night

Dreaming (c) Almitra Hill 2017

This year we started off our Portfolio process with several members bringing forward ideas and some preliminary images for discussion.  We have seen a rapid growth in numbers this year and we even had some images for discussion from a brand new member who joined us for his first night!  Yet again we are heading for a record year of Portfolio creation and we aim to improve on last year's record of 24 panels of work.  We have some remarkable members who have presented some unique and challenging ideas to pursue throughout the year.  We also had the pleasure of a short presentation by Almitra Hill on aspects of self portraiture, with some useful and intriguing ideas to experiment with for our upcoming self portrait challenge.

The Annual Portfolio Gala night breaks records - again

The Gala Portfolio Night

Once again Lane Cove Creative members excelled themselves with an impressive 25 portfolios presented for comments from our special guest Robyn Ross.  There were several first time portfolios presented by members, as well as a series of images mounted on glass, a book, several large images on the new fine silk canvas and three projected portfolios.  All in all a great night and an inspiration to our new and existing members.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and now we have to try to break the record next year !  

Portfolio Development Night No. 2

At the last meeting we had our second portfolio development night where members had the opportunity to show their progress in preparing their 2016 portfolios. Eight members had work in progress to show and discuss and several others discussed their plans for a portfolio. This puts us on track for another great Gala Portfolio Evening in October.

This was also the last meeting to be held in the Music and Cultural Centre. Our next meeting will be at our new venue in the Congregational Church Hall in Hunters Hill.


Portfolio Introduction February 2016

February 25th saw the introduction of our portfolio project for the year.  This is the 4th year we have held the portfolio project and our biggest challenge for 2016 is to exceed the quality and range of work that was presented in 2015.  This year we had a number of members already working on ideas for this year.  For those new to the portfolio process you can read the guidelines here...

Gum trees in the rain by Ian Cambourne (C) 2016

Portfolio | The Launch

Last night we saw the launch of this years Portfolio Program. The task outlined in the attached document is intended to provide an opportunity for those members who wish to design, develop and implement a photographic body of work intended to encourage your growth as a creative photographer.

The expectations are significantly different to those sought within a conventional camera club competition. In fact, this task is not competitive other than you are competing against yourself! It uses different criteria and has substantially different outcomes to those usually applied to club work. That is, the panel developed will be original rather than novel, expressive rather than literal, subjective rather than objective and celebrate your freedom of expression. In short, the finished work will be “imagined vision” and not “camera vision”. In fact, there is no rule that says you must use a camera to take/make a photograph!

The following is an outline of the proposed project. This is only for those who wish to take part and is not intended to be compulsory for the members who do not wish to be involved at this time. As we discussed, however, those who do not wish to prepare a panel of work are invited to contribute to the workshop sessions by way of commentary, critiquing the work and ideas on offer and being involved in the general discussions. Below are the dates of the next Portfolio Nights.

  • Thursday 7th May
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 22nd October - Gala Night.

We wish all our participating members good luck!

Download Portfolio Guideline Notes