Evaluation Night | The Classic Returns

Graeme Dobbs - Iceland

Michael Smyth returned to host our last Evaluation Night for 2019. The evening was a classic night, three images, print or digital.We had 18 members submitting 54 images, 27 digital and 27 prints.

Michael kept the night flowing with some simple questions in mind, what is the subject of this image, what messages can be seen, what subject matter has been used to illustrate the subject?

Interclub Challenge Night 2019

Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past; something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

This was the theme set for our annual interclub challenge with Mosman Camera Club and Northside Creative Photography and members of all clubs most certainly rose to the challenge.

Always one of the highlights of our program, the hall was abuzz as attendees mingled over refreshments before hearing a little of the story behind each image. We were treated to a visual feast ranging from restored old photographs, emotive portraits, delicate still lifes and quirky staged scenes, to layered montages conveying deeply personal expressions of nostalgia.

It was inspiring to see so many interpretations of the theme and we congratulate and thank everyone for taking part in making the evening the success it was.

Written by Almitra Hill, club member.

Evaluation Night - Nostalgia

A feeling of Nostalgia can be triggered to an individual by many stimuli; a sight, a smell, a sound, an event or an image. We are all individual, with our own memories and histories.

The club set aside an Evaluation Night for our members to submit images to be considered for inclusion in our club's offering for the annual Inter-Club with Mosman Camera Club and Northside Creative Photography.

A healthy number of images were submitted in both print and projected formats. We were offered portraits, landscapes, flowers, street scenes and others. Some were constructed and produced specifically for the Inter-Club, some came from member's archives, while others were spur of the moment captures, because the photographer saw in them an element that provided a sense of nostalgia at that particular moment.

The committee would like to thank all members for submitting such a diverse range of subjects to ensure that our club has a wide ranging collection of images, and a special shout out to Judith Frost for facilitating the discussion. The ensuing debate by the committee on the night ended successfully, with our quota of ten images being filled within the spirit of the Inter-Club, that being one selected image per photographer.

To see our clubs selected images you’ll have to come to the Interclub Challenge Night on 5th September, right here at LCCP headquarters :)

Written by Ian Cambourne, club member.

Evaluation Night Twist

Oh what a night!

Following our first ever Evaluation Night with a twist back in January, yes January! Almitra and I took the feedback on board and made some adjustments. This, was Mark II.

Members were invited to take a seat at one of five tables. Each table had a mini easel and an iPad on it, fancy I know right!

Mike Cave, The Avengers

Prints were then shared approximately two per table and members were asked to evaluate the images by completing an evaluation form. Each table then had the opportunity to present their feedback to all members. The Artist was then revealed and given the chance to comment.

When it came to the digital images we rotated through them on the projector and then using the iPads members were able to take a closer look and again provide feedback.

Annie Williams, In Between

The format encouraged everyone to actively participate, one table often had differences of opinion, another asked more questions than answers, and that was the point. It was the ‘members’ who evaluated 19 images, not a facilitator or dare I say it . . . a judge!

Setting up the evening took quite a bit of planning, setting up a wifi hotspot and five iPads, syncing images across devices, mini easels, and digital name cards.

Almitra and I had fun putting this one together and by the feedback at the end of the night it was positively received.

Evaluation Night No 2 | Classic

Skeleton Coast Dune by Lucie

For this 2nd Evaluation Night, following the 2019 program, we reverted to our more traditional format where members were encouraged to bring three photographs and member attendees input to the evaluation and feedback process.

David Edmonds was the moderator for the printed photographs displayed and Ian Cambourne the moderator for those images submitted and displayed digitally.

Both encouraged audience participation as often people see something different to what the photographer intended thereby providing varied feedback; indeed, many of the photographs presented held hidden imaginative gems within the overall story being told.

The Blue Room by Geoff

Throughout the evaluation of the some 60 images, a vast array of photography techniques were discussed, including:

  • negative space

  • composition

  • processing tips from the experts

  • cropping vs cloning

  • the subject

  • emotion

  • the effect of different papers when printing

  • mounting options

From people just beginning their photography journeys to those with many exhibitions under their belt, the night was again one of encouragement, learnings and inspiration.

written by judith frost

Evaluation Night | No.1 - With a Twist

Summer Dragon by Diane McKenzie

Based on feedback from our club members our first Evaluation Night of the year saw the introduction of a new format. Members were invited to submit just a single image, print or digital. Members were seated around five tables and and given a card. The words on the card were

Does the photographer have a good knowledge of their camera, an eye for composition and artistic vision?

What is the image about?

Does the image show good use of light?

Telling a Story
Does the image clearly tell a story?

Post Processing
Is the image complete?

Our Evaluation Nights are designed to give meaningful and constructive feedback to all participants so that they can improve their photography and in return their visual skills will be enhanced. Tables were introduced to encourage discussion and conversation between members and based on initial feedback it worked.

The facilitator / guinea pig for the evening was me, Gavin Perry. Looking at the positives for the evening we had five potential new members attend, 17 prints, 5 digital images and lots of discussion. Looking at the negatives or rather the challenges, the evening was a little too long, the words on the cards had some overlap, and given the heat perhaps water on the table might have been a good idea.

All in all the evening was well received and with a little refinement we think the format will be a nice addition to the program. We of course encourage member feedback so please email a committee member or speak to them at the next club night.

Street photography

Evaluation Night - 6th and final

Flowers in Motion by Graeme Dobbs

It is always wonderful to see the sheer variety of images our club members bring to our Evaluation Nights. Did members react to the photographs in some definite way, absolutely!

Besides the inevitable suggestions to ‘crop’ images, something we should be careful about, there was plenty of healthy and constructive feedback. As always, a number of members were encouraged to conduct a little bit of post processing and bring the image back to another evaluation night.

Below is just a small sample of the images shared on the night.

Looking for dinner, Brian Menzies

Porto in layers, John Chapman

Evaluation Night No 5 September 6th

For this evaluation night, we were fortunate to have as our guest evaluator, Analia Paino, who is a Portrait Photographer and a member of the AIPP. Analia made a point of giving feedback on every image presented and offered many meaningful comments and suggestions for the members present. Again we had a bumper crop of expressive and creative images.

Guillemots on The Edge (c) Michael Smyth 2018

Evaluation Night No.4

Mike Sea was our facilitator for the evening, our fourth evaluation night of the year. I have to say I tip my hat to Mike, his first time at our club and he chose to try something completely new.

Just for fun by Rosemary Foster

Just for fun by Rosemary Foster

Mike gave each member a number from 1 to 8 and then asked us all to get up and sit with fellow members with the same number. Each group was then then given a card with words like composition, storytelling, and aesthetics.  As Mike selected an image he asked each group to comment on the image based on the words on their card. Talk about getting audience participation, genius!

Sadly - and I mean this in a positive way - members submitted over 70 images and the format had to be adjusted or we would have been there till midnight! 

Mike is used to judging at clubs who still do competitions, so presenting at Lane Cove was a refreshing experience for him and member feedback at the end of the evening was very positive.

Tonights format was excellent and got us talking, thank you so much.
— Steve Mullarkey

Below - and above - is a small selection of the images submitted by our members on the night. Clicking on the image will enlarge into a lightbox. 

Clump of trees by Linda Cotterill

Evaluation Night 31st May

Our May evaluation night was another night of exploration of creative ideas and images from our members.  Ably handled by our facilitator, Brian Menzies, we had some wonderful images on show.

One of the strengths of Lane Cove Creative is the in-house knowledge and experience we can draw on to to discuss and suggest improvements to the images being presented.

The images presented ranged from a series of images using a slow shutter speed technique by  Rosemary Foster to a stark commentary on the developments at Barangaroo, by Mike Cave

Abstract image by Rosemary Foster

Barangaroo image by Mike Cave

Evaluation night 5th April with Gavin Perry

Thursday the 5th of April saw our second evaluation night of the year and the chance to give our co-webmaster, Gavin Perry a chance to act as our mentor for the evening.  As usual with LCCP members we had a bewildering array of different and creative work on display and Gavin handled the evening with flair and confidence, offering some constructive comments on each image and managing the input from the members in a timely fashion. To best utilise the feedback and commentary from the group, many members are now providing different versions of their work to help with the discussion of where they should take their vision.  Here are two examples from the night of the finished images.

Bicycles (c) David Edmonds 2018

Armenian Landscape (c) Suzanna Harroothunian 2018

Evaluation Night #1

Flower for Diane (c) Steve Mullarkey 2018

Our first Evaluation night for 2018 was a great success, with a wide variety of creative and intriguing images on show, several from new members and several from members who are new to printing. 

Our in-house Evaluator gave each image some worthwhile and constructive comments, with additional input from the members present.  As usual, some images created a variety of opinion and discussion, with alternative processing and compositions suggested for the photographer to consider.   Congratulations to all who participated in the night.

Evaluation Night October 5th

Floral Skeleton (c) 2017 Margaret Miller

Floral Skeleton (c) 2017 Margaret Miller

Another Evaluation night for our members and visitors was held on October 5th.  This night the mentors were Jim Crew and Michael Smyth, with lots of valuable input from members and some lively discussion.  Once again there was a great variety of creative work on display, with a positive atmosphere of cooperation and mutual appreciation of the efforts and thought put into the works.

Evaluation night 20th April

The Secret Garden (c) Jacci Schipp

The Secret Garden (c) Jacci Schipp

Our evaluation night again brought out a wide range of interesting and creative images for discussion.  Members are producing more and more interesting images and we had a good series of discussions.  The image above, by Jacci Schipp was a succinct reminder of what is happening to Sydney - the encroachment of high rise living into the heart of the city.  

First Evaluation Night for 2017

Thursday night the 9th February saw our first evaluation night for the year and if this is anything to go by, we are in for a bumper year.  We had a massive number of prints and projections to view and discuss and our good friend and now LCCP member Steve Mullarkey (see Steve's work at www.stevemul.com.au) had his work cut out as moderator for the night.  We also had a number of new members and visitors on the night who all seemed to enjoy the friendly ambience and relaxed attitude of our members.  

Once again we had a wide diversity of ideas and images on view, one of the most interesting is this composite by Almitra Hill that wowed the members with its imagination and creativity.

(c) Almitra Hill 2017

Evaluation night 1st December with Bruce Baker

Thingvellir Church, Iceland (c) David Edmonds 2016

For our last evaluation night of the year we were privileged to have our good friend Bruce Baker to moderate the discussions.  We had one of the best panels of work to view for the whole year and again there was a great variety of images on view.  This demonstrates the diversity of Lane Cove Creative member's work.  One of the most interesting images of the night was this one of the church at Thingvellir, Iceland by David Edmonds.  This church is located in the valley formed by the continuation of the junction of tectonic plates that runs across Iceland.  This is also the location of the annual parliament meeting which commenced in the year 930 AD.

July Evaluation Night

Lilly (c) Ron Bullions 2016

July 28th was our second Photo Challenge for the year and the theme was Close up and Macro.  With the advent of Digital imaging and varying sizes of sensors and resolutions, the definition of a Macro image as being life size on the film plane is no longer relevant.  Following on from our presentation earlier this year, members produced a variety of creative and inspiring images.  The image above, by Ron Bullions generated a lot of favourable comment.

Evaluation night

Morning Flight (c) Ron Bullions 2016

Our latest evaluation night was held on June 16th and once again we had a wide variety of images and ideas to discuss.  Lane Cove Creative promotes a collaborative approach to image making and the evaluation nights are important in providing a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.  Often members will bring images that are not fully resolved and seek input from the members present.  We also encourage members to pursue their own interests and passion in making images.  The most important thing is for people to make images that they are passionate about and not to create images for other people.   

Evaluation Night

For our latest Evaluation night we were privileged to have well known local artist Robyn Ross to act as our moderator.  Robyn has exhibited internationally and as well as producing her own work, also teaches and participates in workshops.  Find out more about Robyn here...

Once again we had a wide variety of work presented for discussion.  Robyn was very generous with her time and made some very worthwhile suggestions for improvements to the presented works.  As usual we had some lively discussion and positive critiques of the work on view.