Monochrome Challenge 2019

Lane Cove Creative Photography was fortunate to have Peter Hill evaluate the Monochrome Challenge night on the 13th of June 2019. Peter Hill is a well-known and highly respected photographer from the Blue Mountains who specialises in black and white photography.

Peter had previously given a wonderful presentation on monochrome photography earlier this year and passed on some of his knowledge to our members. Judging by the quality and number of images exhibited on the challenge night this knowledge passed on by Peter helped the members to produce some great work.

On the night of the challenge Peter added some additional constructive, thoughtful and helpful information that should encourage all members to work in the monochrome medium and improve their skills.

Click on any image to view a slideshow and small selection of the images of the night.

Written by Graham Munkman, club member.

Street Photography Challenge Night

As part of our Listen, Learn, Practice, Share series, tonight was the night we got to share everything we have learnt about Street Photography..

Back in February Richard Lynch delivered a fabulous presentation on the subject of Street Photography. The following week members went to Newtown to practice what they learnt and try their hand at the subject. Six weeks later we conclude with the sharing of Street Photography images.

Based on the feedback from members this subject has proven to be immensely enjoyable. On the night we were treated to a musical slideshow of nearly 90 image and over 25 prints.

Ex President Diane McKenzie facilitated the evening with her usual passion and humour. Roving mic in hand, she worked the floor and encouraged members to talk about their images, techniques and processes methods.

The below gallery is a small sample of the work on display. Click on an image to view the original aspect ratio in full screen.

Congratulations to all members, this really was a great challenge!

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

This week we held our annual challenge night, where members select 5 topics from a list of 10 options and present images that reflect those topics.  The emphasis is on creative interpretation and members are encouraged to make new images for the challenges.  This year our own in house expert on creativity, Jim Crew acted as moderator and the night was a lot of fun.  There were a lot of fun and creative work on show and everyone enjoyed the night.  

Here are a few images from the night. 

White on White (c) Linda Cotterill

Indoor Abstract (c) Margaret Miller

Street Shadows (c) Steve Webster

On the Spot Challenge

This year we issued a challenge to our members to create 4 different images from the one location.  The photographer was allowed to turn around and take no more than one step in any direction away from their starting position.  As is usual for LCCP, our members rose to the challenge and presented a wide variety of images.  From a 360 degree panorama, a series of images made in the misty reflections of a bathroom mirror, to views of the same location taken at different times, there were many interesting interpretations presented.  Here are a few:

With thanks to John Chapman, Diane McKenzie, Steve Mullarkey, Geoff Clark and Mike Cave

Ballast Point Equirectangular - 4 images in one

Self Portraiture Challenge

(c) Lucie Loane

This week we had our second challenge for the year - Self Portraiture.  This followed on from the presentation earlier in the year by Almitra Hill where she demonstrated some ideas and techniques.  One again we had a wide variety of creative and intriguing images from the members.  From a scary multiple reflection series to some revealing images that spoke to the photographer's interests and backgrounds, plus some personal insights, we had a wide mix of creative image making on display.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming some new visitors and old friends who came along on the night.

Ten Topic Challenge

For our first challenge this year the members had a choice of 5 out of 10 suggested topics to cover in a series of images.  Some chose to cover multiple topics in the one image while others chose some unique and different approaches.  

The topics available were: Moving water, A long exposure, A lone tree, A splash or red, A silhouette, People from above, A worm's eye view, Blurred crowds, Car park abstracts or an historic building. 

Once again we had a fun night with lots of discussion, some friendly banter and a lot of laughs.  Below are a selection of images from the night.

In the Rain

This years challenge was 'In the Rain' and given the amount of rain we have had on almost every one of our club outings we were sure to have some great photos. We were not disappointed.

On an very wet and windy evening our diehard members came out and the selection of images was fantastic. Select an image below to view in full, this is just a sample of the digital images provided on the night. Great work everyone!