Gore Hill Cemetery Outing

Photo courtesy of Margaret

Nine LCCP club members enjoyed a very pleasant photographic excursion to Gore Hill Cemetery early on Monday morning, the 19th November.  The weather was perfect and the cemetery was a profusion of flowers that provided a magnificent yellow carpet for the ancient headstones. 

The cemetery is heritage listed and is one of the oldest and most significant remaining cemeteries in metropolitan Sydney.  Dating back to 1877 its layout, monuments and plants provide an abundance of photographic subject matter. 

This was the first of the club’s weekday excursions following a request from members.  The morning was rounded off with coffee at a nearby café, and so successful was the outing that the next weekday excursion was the subject of discussion.


Our outing at Taronga Zoo

What is the collective noun for a group of photographers, anyone know?

Here was a chance for LCCP members to put into practice all those fantastic tips that Jacci Schipp-Benz gave us when she did her presentation last year on ‘Photographing Wild Animals’.

We had a fabulous turn out of 14 enthusiastic photographers and after a quick coffee pitstop, Jacci marched us off to our first location, the all new Tiger Trek.

Wow, what a great addition to the zoo and what a treat it was to spend what must have easily been 45 minutes patiently photographing three beautiful Sumatran Tigers. We were also the first group through which was perfect timing. We then made a quick dash across to the Elephant tower for a birds eye view of these amazing animals. 

We visited a wide variety of animals and judging by the rapid fire of our cameras we must have collectively taken 100's of photos. I can't wait to see some awesome images at future Evaluation Nights.

We start them young at LCCP. Little Aston at just 4 years and his first Nikon.

A big thank you to Kirstin Sercombe for coordinating this event, it was such a shame you were unable to join us due to a nasty virus. A thank you to our fabulous President Diane McKenzie for stepping in to rally the troops in Kirstin's absence.

And a special thank you to Jacci Schipp-Benz herding us through Taronga Zoo!

Lane Cove Theatre Company - Rehearsal Photo Shoot

Recently some of our members had the opportunity to attend the dress rehearsal for a theatre production by the Lane Cove theatre Company. This was a chance to photograph a genre that is normally difficult for amateur photographers because of copyright issues.

If they are pleased with the results we could be invited to photograph future productions thus giving more members the opportunity to take theatre photographs.

Some examples of the results of the exercise are shown below.

Images courtesy of Almitra Hill, Michael Stevens and Jim Crew.

Gallery Crawl

Intrepid members of Lane Cove Creative Photography braved the hot and humid conditions on Saturday for a gallery crawl "par excellence".  Commencing at the Australian Centre for Photography in Oxford Street, we browsed amongst the images from students that ranged from the mundane, the insane and the extraordinary.  Much debate was had amongst the members on the meaning and messages in the images.

The group then decamped for the short trek to the UNSW Galleries in Paddington, where several exhibitions awaited us.  The most powerful and thought provoking images were from the "in your Dreams" series by 14 international photographers, who examined the ever widening gulf between the rich and poor.  An added bonus was the series "Tell", an exhibition exploring Aboriginal and Torres Islander life and culture.

After a well earned lunch, punctuated by a spectacular (but no injuries recorded) incident with a scooter and a Taxi, those with some stamina left headed to the Art Gallery of NSW to view the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition.  Of those that made the trip to the Art Gallery, we were rewarded with a Tour De Force of the iconic images from this master of Photography.  We highly recommend all of the exhibitions to all who could not make it on the day.  Everyone  who came on our "crawl" went home inspired and invigorated.  A huge Thank You to Margaret Miller for organising the day.  

Outing to Woolwich Dock

Reflections (c) Michael Smyth 2017

Saturday 11th November was the date for our breakfast and outing to Woolwich dock, just a short stone's throw from our meeting rooms.  The morning started off with a sunny and clear day, not a given this year and well received by all.  We started with a sumptious breakfast at the Ironwood Cafe, followed by a leisurely walk to the dock area and beyond.  All who attended enjoyed the early summer weather and the casual stroll around the waterfront.  Sydney has many interesting historical areas that are worthwhile exploring and thanks to Margaret Miller for her fine work in organising the day.

Sydney Harbour Outing - Sydney Flying Squadron, Saturday 11th March

Photo (c) Ian Cambourne 2017

Saturday the 11th gave us a beautiful sunny day for our outing to watch the 16 footers in action.  We commenced with a tasty luncheon at the club's restaurant (which may not have been a good idea for those poor sailors amongst us), then everyone headed over to board the historic ferry to chase the boats.  Fortunately everyone managed to survive the mild conditions on the harbour without needing to feed the fish.  All up we had a healthy 20 plus members attend, each vying for the best photo opportunity.  It was a great afternoon and everyone enjoyed the day, especially those who saw the "hello sailor" moment from a passing cruiser.  A very BIG thank you to Kirstin Sercombe for organising the day and who managed to get us all to and from the ferry in time.  The expression "herding cats" was mentioned a few times. 

LCCP Outing - Australia Day 26th January

Kurt Fearnley on his way to winning the open section of the Wheelchair race 2017

(c) Michael Smyth

Australia Day 2017 saw a day of mixed weather, but no rain.  Thanks to the wonderful organising by Margaret Miller we had around 13 members and friends turn up for the smoking ceremony at Barangeroo, followed by some frenetic action whilst we jockeyed for position at the wheelchair race.  After some time spent capturing the action we repaired to a nearby cafe for a well deserved coffee and tea break, with ample time for discussion and socialising.  We then wandered towards the underside of the Harbour Bridge in time for the action on the harbour and the overflights by the FA18s and the other aircraft displays.  We gradually dispersed as some had other commitments and others found activities of interest that they stopped to follow.  The day was fairly grey, but with temperatures in the "comfortable" range we all had a good time and enjoyed the very congenial atmosphere.  Thanks again to Margaret for excellent organisation.  

Excursion to Rookwood Cemetery

Last Saturday afternoon Lane Cove had our most recent outing, to capture the late afternoon light at the old section of Rookwood cemetary.  The outing was very well supported with nearly 20 members prowling the rows of forgotten headstones, looking for photographic inspiration.  There was even the "Battle of the Drones" where two pilots did battle over the best overhead shots.  The rest of us made do with our feet on the ground wandering along the vast rows of headstones.  

The weather was beautiful and warm with a little bit of colour as the sun went down.  As the light receeded, the cold increased  and we were forced to retreat to warmer locations before the gates were locked.  Most of the members made it to the Torque bar and grill despite heavy traffic and enjoyed a good meal and even better company.  A great outing and well organised by our brilliant outings organiser, Deb Mooney.  Thanks to all who came and made it a special afternoon.

Headstones (c) Michael Smyth 2016

Vivid Sydney outing

Vivid Sydney extended into the Botanical Gardens this year - Image (c) Michael Smyth 2016

A small but intrepid group of LCCP members met at The Concourse in Chatswood to kick off our "Annual" foray into the visual and auditory extravaganza that is Vivid Sydney.  This year the consensus was that the projections at the Concourse were a little underwhelming, unless you are a big fan of animated dinosaurs.  The party soon headed off to Circular Quay and on the way, one of our members (who for reasons that will become obvious) had more than a little trouble with the ticketing system for the trains.  Eventually we made it to the city to find a good, but not excessive crowd enjoying the flowing paint running over the MCA, the projections on the Opera House, and for those with the stamina to keep going, the most interesting part by far -the tunnel of light and living trees projections in the Botanical Gardens.  At one point I was startled by a very surprised looking possum who had wandered into the display on his/her nightly forage.  I'm not sure who got the biggest surprise.  Eventually, we headed off to City Extra for a (very) late dinner and well earned glass of wine.  The trip back to Chatswood was made more "interesting" with some emergency power repairs which meant a bus transfer from North Sydney.  We made it home a little tired but all had a good time and enjoyed the event.  Same again next year ? 

Lane Cove Creative Weekend away at Mollymook

Mollymook Beach at sunset (C) Michael Smyth 2016

The weekend of 1st April to Sunday 3rd April saw a large group of nearly 20 LCCP members off to beautiful Mollymook Beach for a weekend of photography, social interaction and an impromptu Lightroom and Photoshop workshop.  The weekend was organised by our wonderful outings coordinator Deb Mooney and everyone agreed it was a huge success.  Even the weather gods smiled on us and allowed us some early morning and late afternoon photography.

Our resident technophile, Rodney Campbell even managed to launch his drone for some unusual aerial photographs.  See Rodney's images here...

Rodney has also made a short video from the Drone footage.  We have named them "Dronagraphs"  See the video here...

Congratulations to all who participated and especially to Deb for a wonderful job of organisation.

Lane Cove Creative outing to Cockatoo Island

Members of LCCP at Cockatoo Island

Our first outing for the year was very well attended with nearly 20 people braving the late summer fine weather for a guided tour of the island's history and highlights, followed by a relaxed lunch and time for individual photographic exploration.  As is usual with these outings, the most valuable part was the opportunity to discuss all things photographic with our fellow members.

Australia Day Outing

"Excalibur" by Michael Smyth

This year the annual Australia Day outing was moved to Parramatta, with the hardy souls meeting at an eye watering 5AM at Parramatta park to watch the balloons go up. Literally.  Unfortunately the Fun Police were in attendance and photographers and the public were moved well away from anywhere near the action.  Some early starters were able to get some shots, but is was a little difficult to get close.  Afterwards there was a well deserved lull for refreshment and then a wander around the classic car displays, antique Fire engines and the children's play area before wandering off on our own to relax or look for more photographic opportunities.  Many thanks to Deb Mooney for doing the homework and planning.  

The Scavenger Hunt

We are very fortunate to have Debbie Mooney in our club who has arranged some amazing outings this year. Back for a 2nd year was the Scavenger Hunt, an outing that is not to be taken seriously and is designed to make sure you have some fun with your camera.

It all started at the Dragonfly Cafe in North Sydney, a great little spot with good food and great coffee. It was here that the challenge was issued in a bag filled with the following items.

  • Stuffed Toys
  • Serviettes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Bubbles
  • CD

The trip saw us head up to Webbs Creek to catch the Punt across the Hawkesbury River and on to St. Albans for lunch at the Settlers Arms Inn giving us plenty of opportunity to get our camera's out. After lunch we all headed down to Spencer, a sleepy village for a late afternoon tea.

The results were presented at the next club meet and while there was some debate as to whether anyone had indeed followed the rules, we all agreed "who cares about rule" it was a great day out with great company and we all had fun. Thats all that matters.