Folding Open by Cindy Cavanagh

By Cindy Cavanagh

By Cindy Cavanagh

Our guest speaker was Cindy Cavanagh a lifestyle photographer and a mother of five children, yes, that’s not a typo, five children!

For the past 10 years Cindy has been on a journey peeling back the layers to her creativity. During her presentation she took us all through her process in identifying her creative style. A process that has taken many months, if not years.

Having sat down with a large blank piece of paper she started to list all her loves, likes, inspirations, passions and curiosities. Looking for patterns she began to notice similarities in the words, themes, and three groups emerged.

  1. Home | Home is my calm, my ordinary, my daily fuel

  2. Heart | Heart is my family, my creativity, my motherhood journey

  3. Adventure | Adventure is my chaos, my curiosity, my wanderlust

A thoughtful and alternative presentation which many members a appreciated.

To view her work please visit her instagram page and her website