Luke Tscharke talks about his passion for nature and photography

Luke Tscharke (pronounced sharky) is a Landscape photographer based in Tasmania. His Landscape, Seascape, and Astrophotography work is simply spectacular. Extra seats were needed to cover the 40+ members and guests that attended tonights presentation.

Western Arthur Range, © Luke Tscharke

Luke’s passion for the outdoors allows himself to play with a wide variety of genre’s. From seascape, infrared and arial, to landscape, wilderness and nightscape. If he had to pick just three it would probably be wilderness, Landscape and nightscape as his favourite.

The Maria Island Walk, © Luke Tscharke

Luke has years of professional award-winning experience and with his business partner runs Astrophotography workshops through Australia. Check out his website here

Capertree and Glen Davis Works Ruins, © Luke Tscharke

For more information and to view his amazing work check out his social websites below