Evaluation Night Twist

Oh what a night!

Following our first ever Evaluation Night with a twist back in January, yes January! Almitra and I took the feedback on board and made some adjustments. This, was Mark II.

Members were invited to take a seat at one of five tables. Each table had a mini easel and an iPad on it, fancy I know right!

Mike Cave, The Avengers

Prints were then shared approximately two per table and members were asked to evaluate the images by completing an evaluation form. Each table then had the opportunity to present their feedback to all members. The Artist was then revealed and given the chance to comment.

When it came to the digital images we rotated through them on the projector and then using the iPads members were able to take a closer look and again provide feedback.

Annie Williams, In Between

The format encouraged everyone to actively participate, one table often had differences of opinion, another asked more questions than answers, and that was the point. It was the ‘members’ who evaluated 19 images, not a facilitator or dare I say it . . . a judge!

Setting up the evening took quite a bit of planning, setting up a wifi hotspot and five iPads, syncing images across devices, mini easels, and digital name cards.

Almitra and I had fun putting this one together and by the feedback at the end of the night it was positively received.