MV Cape Don Outing

On Sunday 26th May, fuelled by coffee from the Coal Loader Café at Waverton, 18 members and friends climbed the gangway of the MV Cape Don, cameras at the ready. The challenge?

To secure worthy photos for our monochrome photography mentor, Peter Hill.

Built in 1963 to service lighthouses and other navigational aids along the Australian coastline, the MV Cape Don is being restored to its former glory. The workload is huge, but from rusty plate to rusty bolt the restoration progresses. The passionate volunteers led by Daniel split us into 3 groups and so began our tour of this fascinating ship – ‘From Bridge to Bilge’.

Those amongst us more knowledgeable than I asked intelligent questions as we passed the cabins and descended the stairs into the bowels of the ship to the engine room where photographic opportunities were in abundance. Then on to the bridge and the wireless room, the galley, lounges and bar as well as the first aid station.

The final stop was the deck to enjoy sunset. Where did those 2 hours go?

Written by Kirstin Sercombe, President.