Monochrome Styles by Members

Following a great presentation by Peter Hill three club members shared their take on Monochrome.

Jim Crew

Jim addressed why black and white and the challenges of seeing in black and white. There were plenty of tips for taking the image and also for processing. Jim ended with some of his favourite images. His presentation can be found on our support page and dowloaded here

Lucie Loane

Next up was Lucie Loane with her story of of why she loves Monochrome. Below is just a snippet of her story.

“I am fascinated by art - painted or prints – because the artist gets to choose what to include and what to exclude, what angle to work from, how to use light and dark and tonality.” she said.

Lucie went on to say the choice of using monochrome was originally applied to photos which were too busy to allow the main subject to be as prominent as she wished. Monochrome simplifies a scene first and foremost.

In 2018, Lucie was looking for a photography workshop somewhere in Europe that would fit in before she met up with her sister in Dublin, and came across a four-day workshop on the west coast of France with Jonathan Chritchley of Ocean Capture.

Featuring long exposures with water, piers and fishing huts, horizons and big skies, and a monochrome square format, I was very excited. When it turned out that Jonathan was a terrific teacher I really felt that this was a turning point in my learning.


In early 2019 Lucie enrolled in another of Jonathan’s workshops, in Venice, when winter keeps the cruise ships and a lot of tourists away, again focusing on long exposures and monochrome, hopefully with some mist thrown in.

Venice Day

Steve Mullarkey

Our last presenter has a tremendous sense of humour, Steve Mullarkey shared with us the equipment he uses to shoot Monochrome and the techniques he uses in post processing. As with every one of Steves presentations he likes to live on the edge and actually do a live demonstration processing images in front of club members. I am delighted to say he survived:)

Here are just three images from Steves collection.

Click the image to see it full screen

Steves presentation can be found on our support page and dowloaded here.