Evaluation Night No 2 | Classic

Skeleton Coast Dune by Lucie

For this 2nd Evaluation Night, following the 2019 program, we reverted to our more traditional format where members were encouraged to bring three photographs and member attendees input to the evaluation and feedback process.

David Edmonds was the moderator for the printed photographs displayed and Ian Cambourne the moderator for those images submitted and displayed digitally.

Both encouraged audience participation as often people see something different to what the photographer intended thereby providing varied feedback; indeed, many of the photographs presented held hidden imaginative gems within the overall story being told.

The Blue Room by Geoff

Throughout the evaluation of the some 60 images, a vast array of photography techniques were discussed, including:

  • negative space

  • composition

  • processing tips from the experts

  • cropping vs cloning

  • the subject

  • emotion

  • the effect of different papers when printing

  • mounting options

From people just beginning their photography journeys to those with many exhibitions under their belt, the night was again one of encouragement, learnings and inspiration.

written by judith frost