Street Photography Challenge Night

As part of our Listen, Learn, Practice, Share series, tonight was the night we got to share everything we have learnt about Street Photography..

Back in February Richard Lynch delivered a fabulous presentation on the subject of Street Photography. The following week members went to Newtown to practice what they learnt and try their hand at the subject. Six weeks later we conclude with the sharing of Street Photography images.

Based on the feedback from members this subject has proven to be immensely enjoyable. On the night we were treated to a musical slideshow of nearly 90 image and over 25 prints.

Ex President Diane McKenzie facilitated the evening with her usual passion and humour. Roving mic in hand, she worked the floor and encouraged members to talk about their images, techniques and processes methods.

The below gallery is a small sample of the work on display. Click on an image to view the original aspect ratio in full screen.

Congratulations to all members, this really was a great challenge!