Two is better than one | Tony Whitten & John Chapman

We are very fortunate at LCCP to have a range of members willing to share their thoughts, ideas, techniques and even themselves.

John Chapman and Tony Whitten answered the call and stepped up just a handful of days before the 21st, due to an unexpected change in the program.

Tony started with the evening with a short, relaxing presentation of stunning images taken during our club outing to the Chinese Gardens.

Image by Tony Whitton

John’s Arbitrary Space presentation was one of the best presentations we have seen so far this year. It was funny, challenging and inspiring.

Arbitrary Space by John Chapman

The beginning of John’s photographic journey began when he was a young boy in South Africa, chasing wild rhinos with a box brownie (no zooms and telephotos then). We then travelled with him around the world, through his various exploits and camera clubs, leading up to his involvement and exhibitions with Nebuli Arts.

We learnt that John likes to make images that will challenge his viewer, and he’s not worried about taking a step out of the square, quite a few steps on occasions, chasing an idea. He shared his creative landscapes of Iceland and little known sea creatures of questionable parentage, all taken within the safe confines of his bathroom.

Arbitrary Space can reside in two locations, within an image, and also within our own heads.