Portfolio Kick Off

Wow - what a fantastic turn out to our 1st Portfolio session.

Our Mentor for this year is John Chapman who very kindly opened up his house on a Saturday for the session. This proved to be a brilliant idea, why I hear you ask? Well, for those of you that attended you would have realised we were there for nearly 4 hours. Had we held the session on a club night we would have finished at midnight!

Ideas shared and discussed during the afternoon

Infrared, Portraiture, Vessels, Greed, Collection of people in public spaces, Screen, No idea just yet, Lest we forget, Portraiture, Iceland ice, Special place, Clouds, Street photography, Nostalgia, Chill with colour, Emotion, lifestyle, Moonscape, Street photography, Blockprints, Monet in oz, macro, Impressions of nature, Ants eye view of the world, Windows, Mythical Creatures, Abstract, Blue hour, Documentary, Movement.

With 30 members attending the kickoff 2019 could be a vintage year for the club. Perfect timing given we turn 50 in 2020