Evaluation Night | No.1 - With a Twist

Summer Dragon by Diane McKenzie

Based on feedback from our club members our first Evaluation Night of the year saw the introduction of a new format. Members were invited to submit just a single image, print or digital. Members were seated around five tables and and given a card. The words on the card were

Does the photographer have a good knowledge of their camera, an eye for composition and artistic vision?

What is the image about?

Does the image show good use of light?

Telling a Story
Does the image clearly tell a story?

Post Processing
Is the image complete?

Our Evaluation Nights are designed to give meaningful and constructive feedback to all participants so that they can improve their photography and in return their visual skills will be enhanced. Tables were introduced to encourage discussion and conversation between members and based on initial feedback it worked.

The facilitator / guinea pig for the evening was me, Gavin Perry. Looking at the positives for the evening we had five potential new members attend, 17 prints, 5 digital images and lots of discussion. Looking at the negatives or rather the challenges, the evening was a little too long, the words on the cards had some overlap, and given the heat perhaps water on the table might have been a good idea.

All in all the evening was well received and with a little refinement we think the format will be a nice addition to the program. We of course encourage member feedback so please email a committee member or speak to them at the next club night.

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