First night for 2017 - Presentation by Jim Crew - Updated

High Key (c) Jim Crew 2017

Thursday night kicked off Lane Cove Creative's program for 2017 with a presentation by Jim Crew on Creative Exposure.  This presentation covered all aspects of creative image exposure and discussed "What is Correct Exposure" and in Jim's usual style combines an informative and educational presentation with practical examples and some touches of humour.  

The first night of the year was a great success, with several new members and visitors all keen to see why Lane Cove has gained a reputation for being friendly, welcoming and generous with support for photographers of all levels.  At the end of the night one committee member remarked that prior to Jim's presentation her head "exploded" trying to work out High Key and Low Key, but now she gets it.  High praise indeed.

 For the detailed notes relating to Jim's presentation click here...