Vivid Sydney outing

Vivid Sydney extended into the Botanical Gardens this year - Image (c) Michael Smyth 2016

A small but intrepid group of LCCP members met at The Concourse in Chatswood to kick off our "Annual" foray into the visual and auditory extravaganza that is Vivid Sydney.  This year the consensus was that the projections at the Concourse were a little underwhelming, unless you are a big fan of animated dinosaurs.  The party soon headed off to Circular Quay and on the way, one of our members (who for reasons that will become obvious) had more than a little trouble with the ticketing system for the trains.  Eventually we made it to the city to find a good, but not excessive crowd enjoying the flowing paint running over the MCA, the projections on the Opera House, and for those with the stamina to keep going, the most interesting part by far -the tunnel of light and living trees projections in the Botanical Gardens.  At one point I was startled by a very surprised looking possum who had wandered into the display on his/her nightly forage.  I'm not sure who got the biggest surprise.  Eventually, we headed off to City Extra for a (very) late dinner and well earned glass of wine.  The trip back to Chatswood was made more "interesting" with some emergency power repairs which meant a bus transfer from North Sydney.  We made it home a little tired but all had a good time and enjoyed the event.  Same again next year ?