Monochrome presentation by Alan Coker - report by Jim Crew

Image (c) Alan Coker 2016

At the meeting on October 6 we had a presentation about monochrome photography by renowned photographer Alan Coker. Alan presented a comprehensive talk that included details of the various methods available for creating monochrome images and enhancing them to a final stage using the tools available in Photoshop. Each method was explained in detail with the advantages and disadvantages of each method expounded. This was followed by a practical demonstration whereby Alan used several of his images to show his preferred method for creating monochrome images and the work flow he uses.

To finish the presentation Alan displayed around 30 of his excellent monochrome photographs and explained how and why each was taken and the messages and emotions they showed.

Members were well informed about the processes and reasons for making monochrome images and were provided with inspiration to give it a go if they had not previously made monochrome images or to enhance their results if they already knew the basics.

Alan's work can be seen here...