Portfolio | The Launch

Last night we saw the launch of this years Portfolio Program. The task outlined in the attached document is intended to provide an opportunity for those members who wish to design, develop and implement a photographic body of work intended to encourage your growth as a creative photographer.

The expectations are significantly different to those sought within a conventional camera club competition. In fact, this task is not competitive other than you are competing against yourself! It uses different criteria and has substantially different outcomes to those usually applied to club work. That is, the panel developed will be original rather than novel, expressive rather than literal, subjective rather than objective and celebrate your freedom of expression. In short, the finished work will be “imagined vision” and not “camera vision”. In fact, there is no rule that says you must use a camera to take/make a photograph!

The following is an outline of the proposed project. This is only for those who wish to take part and is not intended to be compulsory for the members who do not wish to be involved at this time. As we discussed, however, those who do not wish to prepare a panel of work are invited to contribute to the workshop sessions by way of commentary, critiquing the work and ideas on offer and being involved in the general discussions. Below are the dates of the next Portfolio Nights.

  • Thursday 7th May
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 22nd October - Gala Night.

We wish all our participating members good luck!

Download Portfolio Guideline Notes