Photography should be all about visual communication – the process whereby one party, the photographer, desires to communicate an idea or a message to another party, the viewer. The viewer should react to the photograph in some definite way. They should be informed, moved, excited or angered. 

A new approach to evaluating photography whereby everyone is a winner
- Jim Crew

On evaluation nights members are encouraged to bring a panel of three photographs. These could be individual images or they could be thematic and members are given the opportunity to describe what their motivation was for creating the images.

  • What was the idea behind the image?

  • What thought processes were involved in planning or conceptualising the image?

  • How was the image captured?

  • What processing and enhancement techniques were employed?

  • Does the final image fulfil its purpose?

All members provide input to the evaluation and feedback process and the photographer can discuss with the panel and the other members the points raised.

At a later date the photographer may resubmit the photograph with the suggested improvements taken into account. This could include anything from retaking the photograph to making changes to the processing and enhancement in line with the evaluation feedback. In the case where a photograph is resubmitted it should be shown with the original for the purpose of comparison.

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