New updates to Lightroom and Photoshop

PS Splash screen.jpg

Adobe has released new versions of Lightroom and Photoshop and each of these is a major upgrade that requires installation of a new full version.  To make matters more confusing, there are now two versions of Lightroom - Now called Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

For those who are still using the fully paid for version of Lightroom (Version 6) the news is that there will no longer be an option to purchase a new standalone version of the software.  The coming upgrade will be the last ever.

Does this mean the end of civilisation as we know it ? 

Not quite, but in an age when the major players are all moving to subscription based models, this was probably inevitable.  We think that most photographers will eventually move to the subscription Photography plan that remains at $14.29 per month, or $171.48 per year.  This plan now includes 20 Gb of online storage, for those who want to use this facility, however many of us have very large files that would eat up this space in no time, so its not much of an option for storage.  Realistically, $171.48 per year is little to pay for software that is continually being upgraded and fully supported.

Lightroom now comes as two versions, most people who keep their images stored locally will remain with Lightroom Classic,  with Lightroom CC designed for people who need to have their image files accessed from several devices including mobile phones and tablets.  For those of us that have large image collections, this is going to be a difficult choice, particularly with our below par internet speeds.  We recommend using Lightroom Classic for most users.


For those who will be upgrading, the new versions are available from the CC panel, where you can also still download and install older versions.  Once the new versions have installed, you will need to move your NIK filters from the old version of Photoshop to the new version.  We have tried this on 3 different installations and it has worked successfully (on Windows machines at least).  The method of copying the NIKsoftware is outlined below.  (Note: we don't recommend using NIK directly from Lightroom as it does not allow for use as a Smart object or as a separate layer with Blend Modes and Opacity adjustments).

Note to all users of the NIK collection:  After installation of the new version you will need to move your NIK plug in to the new version of Photoshop.  You do not need to reinstall NIK ! In fact  if you have created your own presets and recipes, it is important that you do NOT reinstall NIK as you will probably lose your presets.

For Windows users, to copy your NIK plug ins to the new version of Photoshop you need to do the following.  Note - do not start Photoshop CC2018 before completing these steps:

1.  Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing the old Photoshop program.  It should be found on your C Drive here:  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC2017.

2.  Go to the folder called "Plug Ins" and select the folder called "Google"  Copy this folder (Right Mouse click and choose "Copy").

3.  Next go to the folder containing the new version of Photoshop, which will be visible under the Adobe folder and will be called Adobe Photoshop cc 2018 ( C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC2018.  Next open up the main folder and select the folder called "Plug Ins".  

4.  Next Paste the Google folder you copied in step 2 into this "Plug Ins folder".  This folder will already contain a folder called "Generator".   Now close Windows Explorer and you are all done.

If you launch Photoshop from a shortcut on your menu bar, you will need to create a new shortcut.  The program icon should appear at the top of the Start menu (Windows 10). Right mouse click on the Photoshop icon, then choose "More" and select "Pin to Taskbar" 

For Mac users we are advised that the source path for the Plug Ins folder is :  Mac HD/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2018/Plug-ins/Google.    As always, these recommendations are given with all care and no responsibility.  If you are unsure what to do, seek help from an expert.  Please also note that with the coming Mac OS upgrade, it will only allow 64 bit programs to run, so Nik will not work.

For further information on the updates, go to Adobe or DPreview where there are details and demonstrations of the new features.

Evaluation Night October 5th

Floral Skeleton (c) 2017 Margaret Miller

Floral Skeleton (c) 2017 Margaret Miller

Another Evaluation night for our members and visitors was held on October 5th.  This night the mentors were Jim Crew and Michael Smyth, with lots of valuable input from members and some lively discussion.  Once again there was a great variety of creative work on display, with a positive atmosphere of cooperation and mutual appreciation of the efforts and thought put into the works.

Presentation by John Swainston on Architectural Forms

Chichester Cathedral (c) John Swainston 2017

Chichester Cathedral (c) John Swainston 2017

Last evening we had  another very special night, with an interesting and passionate presentation on photographing architectural forms by John Swainston.  John has been involved in the photographic industry for nearly 50 years and continues his passion for photography as a board member of the A.I.P.P. and acts on the advisory board of Head On.  John's personal passion is architecture, especially the cathedrals of England and the images and discussion of his approach was fascinating.  John completed his presentation with a personal view of where photography is heading, based on a perspective from within the industry.  In an era when over 4.5 Billion people carry a camera (smartphone) with them at all times, it is interesting to see if and how we can make a difference with our photography. 

The Portfolio Process 2017

Each year members of Lane Cove Creative work towards our annual Gala Night of Portfolios.  A portfolio is a collection of images - usually 6 or more that speak to a theme or concept.  During the course of the year we hold regular night where we can discuss the work in progress and assist the participants refine their vision and image making.  Last Thursday night was the final preparation for our Gala Presentation on November 2nd.  Judging by the work in progress, we will have another bumper year of creative and expressive work.  Here are a few examples of work in progress.  

"A Not To Be Missed" exhibition - Journeys into the Wild - Images by Peter Dombrovskis

Commencing on the 21st September at the National Library of Australia and running until the 30th January 2018 is an exhibition of 70 images from the late Peter Dombrovskis.  See the National Library website for further details of click HERE to go to the link on the Phototutor website.

Morning Mist, Rock Island bend, Franklin River 1980 or 1981 by Peter Dombrovskis.

Morning Mist, Rock Island bend, Franklin River 1980 or 1981 by Peter Dombrovskis.

Challenge 2 - Self Portraiture

(c) Lucie Loane

This week we had our second challenge for the year - Self Portraiture.  This followed on from the presentation earlier in the year by Almitra Hill where she demonstrated some ideas and techniques.  One again we had a wide variety of creative and intriguing images from the members.  From a scary multiple reflection series to some revealing images that spoke to the photographer's interests and backgrounds, plus some personal insights, we had a wide mix of creative image making on display.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming some new visitors and old friends who came along on the night.

"My Style" Presentation by Peter Eastway

Sea Horse by Peter Eastway

Last Thursday night we were privileged to have award winning Australian Photographer Peter Eastway make a presentation of his creative process and methods.  Peter is well known as the publisher of Better Photography magazine, but many people do not know that he is a published author as well as a Grand Master of Photography, as awarded by the AIPP.  To see more of Peter's work, click HERE...

 To view and subscribe to Better Photography magazine, click HERE...

Judging by the questions and comments afterwards, the night was a great success.

Creativity, Language and the Creative Process - Presentation by Emeritus Professor Des Crawley

Once again, Lane Cove Creative members have been treated to a night to remember, with Des Crawley taking us on a trip through the creative process, starting with a discussion of the language we use in our photographic work.  We also had a lively discussion and exploration of the differences between Subject and Content, where the audience was asked to identify the content in an image and then discern the subject.   Understanding what the subject is in a photograph is fundamental to our understanding of photography, yet many people are unfamiliar with the language used to create meaningful imagery. 

Des also recommended that everyone visits the Guardian Newspaper to look through the 20 photographs of the week to look at the use of photographic language and understand the subject.  The latest ones can be found here:

Maiduguri  Nigeria, Photograph: (c) Florian Plaucheur/AFP/Getty Images

Maiduguri  Nigeria, Photograph: (c) Florian Plaucheur/AFP/Getty Images

What photographic language has been used here ?  What is the subject ?

At the end of the night we had a lot of people who were inspired and excited by the journey and we plan to emphasise the analysis of the submitted images at our next Evaluation night.

"Colour: Chaos and Confusion" Presentation by Michael Smyth

"Stupendous,  brilliant and thought provoking" 

These are just a few of the words I used to describe my presentation at Lane Cove last Thursday night !  In a fitting tribute to Star Wars Day, where illusion is the name of the game, I explained many of the problems with colour, colour perception and how little we really understand the nature of light.  Members were treated to a "shock and awe" journey through the minefield of colour, where we learnt that colour only exists in our minds, that everyone perceives colour differently and, worst of all, our perception is easily fooled. 

Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems, but if you weren't at the presentation, sadly you will never know what they are.  LCCP members will have access to some notes that are being prepared for distribution soon. 

Our colour perception is easily fooled.... The orange square and the brown square are really the same colour...Yes, they really are. 

Our colour perception is easily fooled.... The orange square and the brown square are really the same colour...Yes, they really are. 

Evaluation night 20th April

The Secret Garden (c) Jacci Schipp

The Secret Garden (c) Jacci Schipp

Our evaluation night again brought out a wide range of interesting and creative images for discussion.  Members are producing more and more interesting images and we had a good series of discussions.  The image above, by Jacci Schipp was a succinct reminder of what is happening to Sydney - the encroachment of high rise living into the heart of the city.  

The Photo Challenge - 10 topics

For our first challenge this year the members had a choice of 5 out of 10 suggested topics to cover in a series of images.  Some chose to cover multiple topics in the one image while others chose some unique and different approaches.  

The topics available were: Moving water, A long exposure, A lone tree, A splash or red, A silhouette, People from above, A worm's eye view, Blurred crowds, Car park abstracts or an historic building. 

Once again we had a fun night with lots of discussion, some friendly banter and a lot of laughs.  Below are a selection of images from the night.

Photo Autopsy or Image Deconstruction

This week we had a special event, a dissection or deconstruction of the photographic process, presented by three of our members:  Ian Cambourne, Almitra Hill and Diane McKenzie.

Each member presented their thoughts and ideas in a unique way, reflecting the differing approaches and expertise of the individuals.  Ian presented a tour through his thoughts in making his Rookwood series.  Almitra took us through her process of making her delightful soft focus and Bokeh shapes.  Diane "deconstructed some of her still life (some not so still) images and showed us her method for working in Photoshop.

The night was a great success with lots of questions and discussions amongst our burgeoning membership.  This is a night we will plan to repeat next year.  

Image (c) Ian Cambourne 2017

Image (c) Ian Cambourne 2017

Sydney Harbour Outing - Sydney Flying Squadron, Saturday 11th March

Photo (c) Ian Cambourne 2017

Saturday the 11th gave us a beautiful sunny day for our outing to watch the 16 footers in action.  We commenced with a tasty luncheon at the club's restaurant (which may not have been a good idea for those poor sailors amongst us), then everyone headed over to board the historic ferry to chase the boats.  Fortunately everyone managed to survive the mild conditions on the harbour without needing to feed the fish.  All up we had a healthy 20 plus members attend, each vying for the best photo opportunity.  It was a great afternoon and everyone enjoyed the day, especially those who saw the "hello sailor" moment from a passing cruiser.  A very BIG thank you to Kirstin Sercombe for organising the day and who managed to get us all to and from the ferry in time.  The expression "herding cats" was mentioned a few times. 

Photo Book Presentation

Thursday saw Lane Cove playing host to Libby Jeffries and Geoff Hunt, the founders of Momento Photo Books, who came to us as a special favour, due to a friendship with Michael Smyth.  

Once again we had a fabulous night, a packed room, lots of questions and discussion about book making and an opportunity to talk to two people who are passionate about producing a quality handmade product that is made right here in Australia.  Geoff showed us a video walk through of the book printing process, showing off the Indigo Machine used for the consumer range products, all the way up to the venerable Epson R3880 that is used to produce the premium books that are printed on a range of beautiful Rag papers.  

Geoff is the person who designed the Momento software and he gave us a run through the features of this valuable tool.  One of our "key" members, who is definitely a non technical user told the audience how simple it was to use for a recent book project.

Libby then demonstrated the range of book options, including binding, papers, covers and all the fine details that go to making a fabulous fine art book.

Lane Cove Creative has signed up to the Momento Pro program, which entitles financial members to gain access to the Pro range of book options, as well as substantial discounts.  Judging by the level of interest, we can expect to see some books at this year's Portfolio presentation.

Image courtesy Momento Photo Books

Image courtesy Momento Photo Books



The Annual Portfolio Project - First discussion night

Dreaming (c) Almitra Hill 2017

This year we started off our Portfolio process with several members bringing forward ideas and some preliminary images for discussion.  We have seen a rapid growth in numbers this year and we even had some images for discussion from a brand new member who joined us for his first night!  Yet again we are heading for a record year of Portfolio creation and we aim to improve on last year's record of 24 panels of work.  We have some remarkable members who have presented some unique and challenging ideas to pursue throughout the year.  We also had the pleasure of a short presentation by Almitra Hill on aspects of self portraiture, with some useful and intriguing ideas to experiment with for our upcoming self portrait challenge.

Upcoming exhibition by LCCP Member Stephen Allworth

Lane Cove member Stephen Allworth has an exhibition coming up in the Head On series commencing on 5th May and running until the 25th May at the Shots Cafe and Gallery, 11 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.  The Exhibition is called "Night Creatures - Hidden in plain sight during the day, creatures emerge from the darkness to guard and protect the city throughout the night"  You can see some of Stephen's work at

Image (c) Stephen Allworth

Image (c) Stephen Allworth

Lane Cove members are invited to a Gallery and Caffeine crawl on 21st May to see this exhibition.  See the program for details.

First Evaluation Night for 2017

Thursday night the 9th February saw our first evaluation night for the year and if this is anything to go by, we are in for a bumper year.  We had a massive number of prints and projections to view and discuss and our good friend and now LCCP member Steve Mullarkey (see Steve's work at had his work cut out as moderator for the night.  We also had a number of new members and visitors on the night who all seemed to enjoy the friendly ambience and relaxed attitude of our members.  

Once again we had a wide diversity of ideas and images on view, one of the most interesting is this composite by Almitra Hill that wowed the members with its imagination and creativity.

(c) Almitra Hill 2017

LCCP Outing - Australia Day 26th January

Kurt Fearnley on his way to winning the open section of the Wheelchair race 2017

(c) Michael Smyth

Australia Day 2017 saw a day of mixed weather, but no rain.  Thanks to the wonderful organising by Margaret Miller we had around 13 members and friends turn up for the smoking ceremony at Barangeroo, followed by some frenetic action whilst we jockeyed for position at the wheelchair race.  After some time spent capturing the action we repaired to a nearby cafe for a well deserved coffee and tea break, with ample time for discussion and socialising.  We then wandered towards the underside of the Harbour Bridge in time for the action on the harbour and the overflights by the FA18s and the other aircraft displays.  We gradually dispersed as some had other commitments and others found activities of interest that they stopped to follow.  The day was fairly grey, but with temperatures in the "comfortable" range we all had a good time and enjoyed the very congenial atmosphere.  Thanks again to Margaret for excellent organisation.  

First night for 2017 - Presentation by Jim Crew - Updated

High Key (c) Jim Crew 2017

Thursday night kicked off Lane Cove Creative's program for 2017 with a presentation by Jim Crew on Creative Exposure.  This presentation covered all aspects of creative image exposure and discussed "What is Correct Exposure" and in Jim's usual style combines an informative and educational presentation with practical examples and some touches of humour.  

The first night of the year was a great success, with several new members and visitors all keen to see why Lane Cove has gained a reputation for being friendly, welcoming and generous with support for photographers of all levels.  At the end of the night one committee member remarked that prior to Jim's presentation her head "exploded" trying to work out High Key and Low Key, but now she gets it.  High praise indeed.

 For the detailed notes relating to Jim's presentation click here...